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un juego muy entretenido, bastante ligero respecto a los screamers. pero sin duda alguna me he entretenido. 


Great game.


Really liked this game! I wish there were more!

Thank you very much, we're glad to hear that! There actually is more, from what I see in the video you played an earlier build. Although it isn't the final version yet, we have a new build you can download here with more micro games, bug fixes and updated visuals, in case you're interested :)

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this game is fun! tho i would like if u can add endless mode

We're glad you enjoyed it! We'll take it into account :)


Really cool game! played this on a whim one night and I really loved it, was very happy that I decided to give it a go. Trying to juggle the mini-games while keeping an eye on the monster is super clever, very good take on this kind of game, also just love the whole setup and aesthetic
I covered it at the end of this video, I'm excited to see if any further updates come out and might revisit it eventually

Thank you so much for featuring our game in your video! It was originally done for a game jam but we've been adding some extra polish and we will definitely have at least one more update soon. We really appreciate all the praise and we're really glad you enjoyed it! :D


A very good game I played and reviewed it here is a link to the video.

In the video I also played ultimate custom night but, spooky boi was the first game I played in the video. Keep up the good work. I enjoyed this game and I want to come back and play it again in another video.Watching for more games from you and hope that more people play this one.Thank you for an awesome experience!

Thank you for playing our game and featuring it in your video! We're glad you enjoyed it and we will be releasing a new update for the game soon in case you want to check it out! :)


I seriously enjoyed this one! The horror wears out a bit towards the ending. But the suspense you kept me under to complete these minigames was great!

I will be one the look out for more from you!

Thank you very much for playing our game and for your kind comment! We're glad you liked it :) we'll have an update for the game soon! 


Cool game !

Thank you very much for playing!


Really good!I loved the mini games and the moster, hope to see future games :D

Glad to hear you liked it! I was rooting for you hard at the end when you seemed like you were really focused and concentrating, so congrats for beating it! Be sure to follow me here on Itch and you'll be notified for future updates/games.


I love these style games! I'm glad you made one in this style :) Game #2 in my gameplay

Thank you for playing our game! We really enjoyed your playthrough of it :)


This is a really fun game that keeps you on edge the whole time. Goofy mini games with a real horror just out of view. However, there are a lot of game breaking bugs I noticed while playing. The main one being that the monster doesn't have a sense of reset after you die and so it'll be at a constant lurk mode while you're trying to complete a level if you had not restarted the whole game before trying again. The smaller ones aren't too much of a big deal just something to fine tune i think, such as the gallery instantly putting you into the game with the monster (but I think it was meant more for the player to get to know the mini games without the monster) and the arrow keys stop responding after a few taps.This is a game jam submission so there's definitely going to be bugs but if you are thinking of continuing this project after the jam these might be the first things to fix. The hand drawn sketch feel is perfect and the mini games are pretty easy to figure out after a few tries.


Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Yeah, a lot of the bugs were a result of us cutting it down to the wire, in terms of meeting the submission deadline, so unfortunately some did slip through the cracks, just because we ran out of time to fix them. We already have a patch planned as soon as the voting period for the jam is over, so we will be trying to address all the bugs and polish up a few things, so those should be fixed up in 4 days. Thanks a lot for playing and featuring our game!


This game is very adorable with the art style and I do enjoy the gameplay a lot. But I do believe this game has a few bugs such as the "How To Play" tab freezing (which you already noted) and the game getting extremely difficult after losing a few times. The monster kept popping up almost every 3 seconds and it was getting hard to move on to the next stages of the game. Really hope it gets fixed! The game is promising and I'd like to try it again.

Glad you enjoyed the game! Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Sorry to hear about the issues you encountered. We'll definitely be releasing a patch once the voting period for the Scream Jam is over and trying to fix the issues and do some balance adjustments. I could let you know when that happens, if you'd like, so you can give it another shot!